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Heir with reserved part

  • Posted on: April 21, 2021

 The legal regime is defined in the Inheritance Act. Art. part, after set-off made in his favor testaments and donations with the exception of the usual gifts.In the case law and theory, there is no dispute that the expression - properties in Art. 31 of the Inheritance Act takes into account all valuable assets - real estate and movables, funds, shares, receivables, shares in companies - "In order to determine the available part and the amount of the reserved part of the heir, a mass of all properties that belonged to the testator at the time of his death,subtracting the obligations and the increase of the inheritance under Art. 12, para. 2.Donations…

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Protection against illegal dismissal

  • Posted on: February 24, 2021

  …   Usually tension between an employee and an employer arises when the employment is terminated. The various ways to terminate an employment contract and the reasons for this are regulated in detail in the Labor Code. It often happens that the employer, parting with his employee all its duties and responsibilities at the expense of the employee. The problem of illegal dismissal is quite common, which is why we consider it necessary to offer our clients legal protection against it.   Unlawful dismissal occurs when: a / a prohibition on dismissal has been violated, which arises from legal provisions; … b / termination of the contract by mutual…

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Imposition of fines with an electronic slip. Protection.

  • Posted on: January 26, 2021

It is more and more common for legal services to be sought in the office on the occasion of electronic slips issued against them. The widespread opinion among people that they are not subject to appeal is incorrect, regardless of the amount of the fine. The Road Traffic Act provides for this within 14 days of its receipt, and you do not owe a state fee for the appeal. In addition, it is only possible to reduce or cancel the penalty imposed, but NOT to aggravate it.  In Art. 189, para. 4, assoc. 2 of the Road Traffic Act regulates the requirements to the minimum required content of the electronic form, as well as requirements for form in connection…

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  • Posted on: January 10, 2021

Divorce … How to get a divorce is the most frequently asked question with which clients come to the office. There are many specifics, but I always recommend that the parties try to settle their relations through talks and mutual concessions, consulting in advance with a lawyer who will give them the opportunity to get acquainted with the various possibilities and to conclude the right option for them. The advantage of reaching a mutual agreement is that the parties will determine the consequences. It avoids the establishment of a deep and irreparable disorder, and the decision must be serious, mutual and unwavering, no guilt is sought. respectively…

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Criticisms of the European Parliament in the report to Bulgaria

  • Posted on: October 1, 2020

The European Parliament's sharp criticism of Bulgaria in a resolution will be voted on in one of its committees.The protesters in the last three months in our country have his firm support.The European Parliament is of the opinion that peaceful demonstrations are a right in every democracy, condemning all forms of violence against their participants.The draft of this resolution also notes that the parliament supports the establishment of a Grand National Assembly, as well as a new constitution of Bulgaria.The European Parliament also commented on the ruling majority's practice of passing laws quickly without debate on their adoption.   …  

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