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Administrative law

Administrative law services offered to customers in Sofia, Plovdiv and Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Administrative law


The state creates rules of conduct, expects them to be observed, and they are mandatory.

Administration means two things, firstly it is a system of organs or apparatus that performs a certain activity, and secondly, it is the way in which this system of organs functions. The term state institution will often be used, which is an organized complex of personal and property elements, managed in a certain way and operating within certain frameworks, called competence.


Our law firm provides procedural representation before the court when appealing against penal decrees issued in case of administrative violations. Those who violate the established order of the state administration have been committed guilty and have been declared punishable by an administrative penalty imposed by administrative order.


We also prepare Procedural Representation before state and municipal authorities for appeals against penal decrees issued by various bodies (for violations of the Road Traffic Act, the Law on the Ministry of Interior, the Health Act, etc.) and offers including professional legal advice on the legality of penal decrees.

In the cases of damages caused by illegal acts, actions or omissions of the state and municipalities, of their bodies and officials during or on the occasion of performing an administrative activity, as well as in the cases of damages (property and non-property) as a result of illegal actions of human rights bodies, in our person, you will find a professional team that will protect and represent you in the proceedings under the State and Municipal Liability for Damages Act (SMLDA).

Arabadjiev & Partners Law Office provides legal protection and assistance to administrative bodies and local self-government bodies, as well as the following activities:

— Procedural representation before state and municipal authorities;

-— The appeal of penal decrees of various bodies and institutions such as the Ministry of Interior, Traffic Police, State Automobile Inspectorate, RDNSK, RIPCHP, municipal authorities, etc .;

— Challenging administrative acts by administrative and judicial order;

— A number of other administrative and legal services;