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Seizure of motor vehicles: legal significance and consequences in transactions with seized motor vehicles

  • Posted on: August 19, 2022

Seizure of motor vehicles: legal significance and consequences in transactions with seized motor vehicles … Author. Nikola Arabadzhiev  … What are the significance and consequences for the parties is practically important in dispositive transactions with motor vehicles . In the case of a seizure, the vehicle remains the property of its owner, which is quite different from a stolen car. In the case of a sale of a motor vehicle we have a sale of a movable asset which however requires notarisation of the signatures of the parties - , but the absence of a register in which the parties or the notary can make reference to the presence or absence of a lien…

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Property acquired during marriage

  • Posted on: January 18, 2022

Clients often come to the office with questions related to the property acquired during the marriage. Our law firm has extensive case law in this area.The obligatory practice of the Supreme Court of Cassation asks the following question: “Is it permissible to establish the transformation of personal property on the basis of Art. Art. 23, para. 1 and 2 of the Civil Code / Art. 21, para. 1 and 2 SC, revoked / in the case of acquisition of real estate during the marriage through a contract of sale? ". During the marriage under the legal regime of community under the Family Code, the spouses may acquire property and rights over property as personal - Art.

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Affected by the certificate order will seek their rights in court

  • Posted on: October 22, 2021

The green certificate becomes mandatory for indoor activities. The document will serve as a pass for large retail stores, malls, restaurants, indoor sports activities, galleries, cinemas and theaters. The certificate will not be required at pharmacies, grocery stores, banks and administration. The green certificate will prove vaccination, illness, or a negative result from an antigen or AKP test. It is also mandatory for those working in hospitals, oncology centers, and those for dialysis, as well as employees in nursing homes. Without a Green Certificate, they will not be able to work. In the coming days, private certified laboratories and regional…

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PEA can liquidate private property

Defense before the court in Order proceedings and before the PEA in enforcement cases.

  • Posted on: August 25, 2021

  Chapter 37 of the Civil Procedure Code. The legislator has provided 2 possibilities for this under Art. 410 of the Civil Procedure Code or respectively under Art. 417 Code of Civil Procedure. In the first case, the creditor / applicant requests the issuance of an enforcement order: 1 /. for receivables for monetary amounts or for substitutable items, when the claim is before the district court or for the transfer of movable property, which the debtor has received with an obligation to return or encumbered by a pledge or transferred by the debtor with an obligation to hand over the possession when the claim is adjudicated to the district court , as…

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Do they benefit from the non-sequestration under Art. 446, para. 1 of the Civil Procedure Code, the benefits under the employment contract?

  • Posted on: July 28, 2021

 The Labor Code regulates the relations between workers and their employers, provides for the responsibility of the employer to the employee. In view of the existing constitutional order,  and according to the practice of the Supreme Court of Cassation and the Supreme Administrative Court, these compensations are non-sequesterable.Art. 446 of the Civil Procedure Code stipulates that if the execution is aimed at the remuneration or at any other remuneration for work, as well as at the pension,whose amount is above the minimum wage, amounts in a certain amount may be deducted. We can, in a literal interpretation, assume that only the remuneration falls…

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