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Interest-free loans in Bulgaria

  • Posted on: August 20, 2020

Nearly 16,000 applicants have been approved under the government's anti-crisis program for interest-free lending to individuals. The total value of loans approved by commercial banks is a little over BGN 65.7 million. As of mid-August, under the guarantee program managed by the Bulgarian Development Bank, 26,160 requests had been received from partner banks, 78 per cent of which were by persons on an employment contract, and the remaining 22% by self-insured persons. The average value of the loans is over BGN 4,100. The application period is until the end of 2020. A total of 12 commercial banks are partners in the Guarantee Program for providing…

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I do not have a document of ownership of the property

  • Posted on: July 13, 2020

  … I don't have a title deed!   …   …  It often happens in practice that there is no document of ownership for old properties, for which no disposition transactions have been made. Such cases exist both in the villages and in the cities. There are different hypotheses.   For example:      When the property is hereditary and is used and owned without any transactions, being led to the original heir who acquired it.     There is no information about such a property in the Registry Agency, which started functioning after 1992.     Another typical case is the construction of a house on their own.   …  It is possible that the legislation in this direction…

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Putting possession of a property

  • Posted on: June 26, 2020

  Putting into possession or the so-called "Introduction" is an executive method for compulsory confiscation and transfer of awarded real estate. He is with him carries out a non-monetary possession of the creditor to the debtor for the transfer of possession or possession of this property. To get to the introduction in possession it is necessary to have a court decision for the transfer of the specific property. It does not matter on what exact grounds the property was awarded. Most often these are property claims or possessory claims. It is possible that the transfer of possession or possession of the property is based on bond between the creditor…

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How to defend ourselves in case of order proceedings before the court or in enforcement proceedings before the PEA

  • Posted on: June 24, 2020

It often happens that my clients come to me when they have received documents from the court or the PEA. It is difficult to find out what to do. Order proceedings are special court proceedings that allow for quick settlement of civil relations in case of default. The varieties are under Article 410 of the Civil Procedure Code or Article 417 of the Civil Procedure Code. The aim is to issue a court writ of execution - a writ of execution, which will allow the creditor to be satisfied through enforcement proceedings. .If the debtor objects, a court finding is established in a claim proceeding. The characteristic of the injunction proceedings is that it…

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The emergency epidemic situation is unconstitutional

  • Posted on: June 24, 2020

The assignment of the Council of Ministers to declare an emergency epidemic is unconstitutional and this change in the Health Act must be repealed. This is what two lawyers claim in their opinions before the Constitutional Court: Prof. Vasil Mrachkov and the lawyer in medical law Maria Sharkova. Apart from them, the two opinions on this case have so far been provided by two doctors - Prof. Kamen Plochev and Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev. The case before the Constitutional Court was filed in mid-May at the request of President Rumen Radev. According to him, the new texts in Art. 63 of the law, do not meet the constitutional standards, according to which…

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