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Lawyer Arabadzhiev

He graduated from the Mathematical High School in Plovdiv in 1992. Follows a degree in Systems Management and automation at the Technical University of Sofia. Later on, he continues his studies by completing a full course of law at the "Paisii Hilendarski University" in Plovdiv.

After graduation, he starts working at the Ministry of Justice аnd over the next 12 years, his legal career underwent a number of training - human resources management, crisis management, psychology, mediation.

Over the years he completed a one-year continuing education in European law. He is constantly improving his qualification by participating in the training of the "Krastyu Tsonchev" Lawyer Training Centre (LTC) in the field of civil, criminal, and administrative law.

Opens lawyers offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, and Stara Zagora, where he helps his clients daily to receive quality legal advice and resolution on different types of cases (here I want to insert a little more specifically the different types of main activities, such as preparation of documentation for marriage contracts and divorces, etc. - this is in terms of search engine optimization)

     ♦  Consultations, legal representation, and protection of legal entities and individuals before all Bulgarian courts and arbitration in various legal fields, preparation and preparation of any type of documents.

     ♦  Legal assistance in case of divorce, any marital claims (parental rights, alimony, etc.).

     ♦  Protection in property and bond cases.

     ♦  Preparation of notarial deeds, powers of attorney, certificates, invitations, and assistance to a notary.

     ♦  Forming contracts, agreements, wills, and divisions.

     ♦  Establishment and registration of all types of traders, cooperatives, associations, foundations, etc.

     ♦  Providing legal assistance and protection in prosecuting a crime, as well as agreements for the completion of criminal cases.

     ♦  Appeal against penal decrees of various bodies.

     ♦  Representation by a lawyer in case of labour disputes, redundancies, dismissal, reinstatement of work as well as due compensation

     ♦  Registration, change or termination of traders and commercial companies, the establishment of non-profit legal entities.

     ♦  The appeal of administrative acts.

     ♦  Protection of the rights of citizens and legal entities against encroachments by state bodies and officials.

     ♦  Preparation of all types of documents.


Frequently asked questions

The best and most efficient way to solve legal cases is to talk on the phone and see live to discuss all the possibilities and choose the optimal solution.

Each legal case requires different types of documents, but in most cases an identity card is required.

Each defense requires discussing current issues and finding the optimal way to resolve the legal case.

Each defense requires discussing current issues and finding the optimal way to resolve the legal case. (TEST)