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Protecting the rights of clients is first and foremost for the law firm. The goal is, thanks to our legal knowledge and our experience in solving specific problems, to act in the best way and to find the client's shortest path to a given goal, according to the client's status and the specifics of the case. The legal services offered by the law firm are many and various, but they have one thing in common: they are relatedby the search for the right and legal solutions based on an individual approach aimed at achieving a specific legal result.

Mainly in the activity of the firm

The lawyer's mission is to help his client in every life situation and to protect him through his legal knowledge, experience and advice from the wrong decisions, which in most cases involve a lot of headaches and could have been avoided or minimized.

You get the required legal protection and assistance with professionalism, speed, responsibility as well as the correct human attitude. Trust us and we will make sure that we find the best solution for your case!

Modern justice in all its directions and at all levels is unthinkable without the involvement of a lawyer. Attorney's assistance is required in court, prosecutor's office, administration, with the preparation of documents for participation in competitions, for the issuance of permits, licenses, patents, concerning general and individual administrative acts, even only for consultation on specific legal cases

Law Firm of the Arabadjiev & Partners Law Firm

Why the customers choosse us

For our law firm there are no two cases with an identical approach. It all comes down to choosing the optimal solution guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction and peace of mind that his case is considered by professionals.

The guarantee for the success of each new case is based on the complete confidentiality, trust, reliability and defence of the legal interests of our clients in all circumstances, as well as the desire to help in the most difficult situations.

Our bureau has always embraced the technology, and we have an excellent administrative support and technical equipment, which provides an opportunity for a modern and fast way of communication, access to legislative requirements, judicial practice and literature, as well as transparent and efficient management of the bureau’s affairs.

Legal services

Law Firm “Arabadzhiev” is established in order to provide quality legal protection and assistance to its local and foreign clients in various fields, which is achieved through professionalism, competence and responsibility in the interest of the client.

Civil law

Counseling on civil matters. Legal representation before a court in civil and commercial matters. Representation in enforcement proceedings. Drafting of contracts, notarial acts, power of attorney, notarial invitations and other civil law documents. Mediation in the settlement of disputes. Includes: Property law / Real estate and transactions with them; Commercial law; Obligation / Contract Law; Protection against Discrimination; Labor Law, Benefits, Labor Inspectorate; Family and Inheritance Law; Emigration Law

Administrative law

Representation before the administration and the court in protection of rights and legitimate interests Administrative law regulates relations between the state and natural and legal persons, which are related to the implementation of executive activity by state bodies. The main characteristic of the method of legal regulation is that it is authoritarian. Under administration is understood two things, firstly it is a system of bodies or apparatus that performs a certain activity and secondly, it is the way this system works from authorities.


Criminal law

Preparation of complaints to the prosecutor's office and the police. Appeal against the rulings of the prosecutor's office, both before the superior and before the respective court. Representation and protection before the investigative bodies in pre-trial proceedings. Representation and protection in court before all instances , Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Cassation) Appeal against the decisions, rulings and judgments rendered by the respective court.

We fight for your rights

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